Strawberry Labneh – Creamy yoghurt dessert sweetened with honey



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500gms Full-fat Yogurt / Greek Natural Yogurt, (hung yoghurt )
250grams Strawberries
2tsp Castor Sugar
2tsp Rosewater / Strawberry Essence
3tbsp Honey
Pistachios, Chopped to Garnish
Honey to Garnish
Handful of Strawberries to Garnish
A pinch of salt



Mix thick yogurt with a pinch of salt. Transfer the content in a muslin cloth and hang over a deep bowl to drain water. Sit in fridge for approximately 4 hours.

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Add sugar and rosewater in ¼ of the strawberries and puree it.

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Chop the remaining strawberries and mix with pureed strawberries. Leave in fridge to soften.

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Remove hung curd after 4 hours. Add honey and fold in strawberry mixture.

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Garnish with sliced strawberries, crushed pistachios, drizzled honey and serve.

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Labneh is basically strained yogurt. You can buy it in some middle eastern stores, or make it at home, by draining the water out of the yogurt. The thicker you like your labneh, the longer you’ll have to drain it.
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