Coconut and Choco ladoos / balls

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1cup desiccated coconut
11 1/2 cup milk (full fat)
11/2 cup sugar
3tsp dark coco powder
3tbsp desiccated coconut powder to roll the coco balls



Take a frying pan, heat, and dry roast the coconut powder for couple of minutes. Keep stirring and make sure it doesn’t become brown.

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The colour of the coconut after roasting should be a cream colour.

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Take a large heavy bottom pan, add the milk, and bring to boil

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Now add the coconut powder

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Stir continuously until the milk evaporates

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Now add the sugar, mix continuously keeping the flame on low.

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The sugar will start to melt and make the mixture slightly watery.

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Keep stirring keeping the flame on low until the moisture evaporates completely and mixture turns crumbly.

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The process so far takes about 20 minutes.

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Cool the mixture slightly.

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When it comes down to a warm temperature, roll the mixture to balls. You can roll them in desiccated coconut. You should get about 12 balls from the mix.

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Rolling the coco balls in desiccated coconut is optional.

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You could add cashew powder or any of your favourite nut powders.

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To make the Choco version

Add the coco powder after step 7 i.e., after you have added the sugar. Continue to follow the recipe step 8-10. Store in fridge for 2 hours, so it gets little hard and sets a little. Always serve this at room temperature or little cold. You can keep this in fridge for up to a week.
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