Welcome! I’m Radhika from Radikal Kitchen

About Radhika

I am a food influencer, columnist, content creator, recipe developer and curator of bespoke culinary events.

Radikal Kitchen is the product of my diverse cultural heritage and experiences. I was born in Kolkata, India into a family with roots all over the subcontinent, being part Punjabi (from the north-west), part Bengali (from the East), and partly from South India too!
My extended family is even more diverse, encompassing different cultural backgrounds, from Kashmir to Hyderabad and Armenia to Italy!
My cultural horizons were only further expanded when I met my husband, who is of Spanish and German descent, and by calling London, one of the world’s most cosmopolitan cities, my home for the last twenty years.
My culinary journey started at a very young age. I learnt the basics of cooking from my mother, spending hours watching her cook as a child. I was fascinated by the way she used spices – it was as if she was conducting an orchestra! She never cooked from recipes or cookery books. She was innovative, creative and radikal – and this is what I have learnt from her.
My passion for flavours and home cooking has been enhanced by my academic background in nutrition and dietetics, which has allowed me to develop recipes that are healthy and nutritious. My extensive knowledge of cultures, and health and consumer behaviours, gained through my research carried out with ethnic minority communities across the UK, has deepened my understanding of the relationship between food, health, and culture.
Radikal Kitchen has been inspired by my diverse cultural heritage, passion for flavours and adventurous palate.

What I do:

Food influencer

I am active on TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram (with currently 14k followers and counting!)

Food writer

Columnist at iGlobal News

Contributed recipes to Robin Children’s Newspaper,

Recipe Development

I create bespoke menus for events and develop recipes for companies such as Westmill Foods, Asda, Rajah Spices, Elephant Atta and the Sanghera Rum company.

Cooking Demo & Curator of Bespoke culinary events

I curate bespoke culinary events for product promotions, launch of new food products, special celebrations and festivals. I also conduct food demos and workshops for food companies at food festivals and events. I have curated Diwali and Ramadan workshops for Asda, and conducted a food demo for Dabur Europe at the Diwali  festival in Trafalgar Square in October 2021.

Online Classes & Workshops

I conduct cooking classes, power of spice masterclass, virtual cookalong  and team building sessions based on food and cooking.