Blanco verde salad

Green and white crunchy salad

Easy, fresh and flavourful salad made with cucumber and radish/mooli/daikon

This is a variation of the Indian kachumbar salad. In Hindi, Kacha means ‘Raw or uncooked’. Kachumbar is literally small tiny pieces of raw vegetables mainly onion, tomato and cucumber. This salad is a version of the crunchy blend of cucumber and mooli/radish. The radish/mooli gives it a zesty flavour.

I like to leave the salad marinate in the lime/lemon juice for some time to allow  the flavours to blend in. I have served this as an accompaniment with differet cuisines such as paella , Lebanese meat dishes and with Indian food. It works well with all types of cuisines.

  • Cucumber- 1 grated with skin ( squeeze out the water)
  • Mooli/ radish/daikon – 1 ( grated)
  • Coriander leaves- small bunch chopped
  • Mix of lime and lemon juice – generous squeeze on top
  • Salt – add just before serving.
  • Pinch of sugar img-20160912-wa0004

Mix the grated vegetables. Add mix of lemon and lime juice, pinch of sugar and mix well.

Mix the coriander leaves.

I have sprinkled some Japanese paprika powder to make it Radikal.



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